Baby Product on The View

We spotted this helpful nite light on The View, and we want to share it with you! The GoodNite Lite is a behavioral modification device that uses visual cues to help teach kids healthier and more reasonable sleeping habits that fit better with the rest of the family’s schedule. It features a friendly, glowing caricature face that changes from a Moon to a Sun at the programmed “wake-up” time, and from a Sun to a Moon at the programmed “bedtime.” With the help of their parents, children rapidly come to associate the moon image with the knowledge that it is still bedtime and the sun with the idea that it is the correct time to wake up. During the day, the GoodNite Lite automatically shuts off to eliminate any distractions and to conserve energy. This is a birthday gift idea that mom and dad would also appreciate!

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell Expecting Twins

This winter, Rebecca Romijn,35 and Jerry O’Connell,34 are expecting twins!

We think this hip couple will dress their babies in fun clothes, like these rockin’ nursery rhyme onesies. $35 each at cribrockcouture. Angelina Jolie and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are fans.