My PC Story AND Staples Giveaway!

On March 2, I shared with you my story about my new computer from Staples. I was thrilled that I could drop off my old Windows 7 PC, pick up my new one, and the folks at Staples would make sure that all of my files were transferred and my e-mail was set up! I brought my new computer and the old one to the Staples Easy Tech desk at the front of the store. They explained that when you buy a new Windows 7 PC from Staples, you receive a free PC-to-PC file transfer. I left the experts to do their magic, and in a couple of hours, they called me to pick up my new computer! The Staples team moved my files, transferred all of my photos and music onto my new laptop, and it was all at no extra cost! What a relief to have Staples do all of that work at the store. When I brought my new laptop home, it was ready to rock. The Staples team even offered me Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Online Training for free. And while the offer was generous, I did not have any questions for them. I am loving Windows 7. I feel like I have quicker access to all of my files. I can use the Jump Lists to keep the files and programs that I use most, right at my fingertips. I also thinks its easier for create photo slideshows and share them on various social media platforms. A lot of the tasks I do just seem quicker now. I can manage open windows more easily, by dragging their borders to the edge of my screen. I cannot recommend Windows 7 and the Staples service enough! If you are at home wanting a new computer, but do not want to go through the hassle of file transfers, you know you can go to Staples and they will take care of the hassle for you! Note: Thanks to Staples for their generous gift card for the new laptop. One lucky winner will receive a $50 GIFT CARD to Staples! Just e-mail me your name and e-mail address to alistbabyblog (at) yahoo (dot) com by Noon Central on March 24.



Staples and Our New Windows 7 PC

I love it when I walk into a store and actually get great service. Especially when I am shopping for something as important as a new computer! My XP was about 4 years old, and even though that may not seem too old…its time had come. I work on my computer 10 hours a day, five days a week. I travel with my computer to client meetings. It is basically like my little pet. But my pet XP was tired, and he wanted a break.

With all of the large images I had saved to the drive, things were starting to slow down.So you can imagine my delight when the Glam team contacted me regarding their new Windows 7 PC and Staples campaign. I was tasked to head to my local Staples to trade in my old laptop for a brand new one, up to $650! The BEST part was, a professional at Staples would be available to back up and move all of my files to the new Windows 7 PC free of cost. In addition, they told me a free Windows and Office online training would be offered. Of course, I said, “Yes!” And I was off to my local Staples! Let me just tell you that I was a little nervous handing off my computer to someone. What if they lost something in the process? What if they explained things too quickly, and I could not understand them? Thankfully, my experience could not have been better.The Staples employees took the time to help me select just the right computer for me. (I will tell you more about it later!) They explained the process of backing up and moving all of my existing files to the new laptop. “How do you know you will not lose anything?”, I asked.“Because we save everything first,” they replied. Good answer.

I trusted they had it under control. I get it. I know luxury baby goods—they know computers. We all have our areas of expertise! A couple of hours later, I picked up my new computer. But they did not just throw me to the wolves, they explained every little thing I needed to know about my new laptop. I was all set and ready to rock with my new laptop. Did you ladies know Staples had this service? How great is this? I highly recommend it. Stay tuned for my next post, all about the “Wow!” benefits of my Windows7 PC.  Ahhh…it’s as cute as a brand new puppy. But it doesn’t keep me up at night! Special thanks to Staples for the $650 gift cards for the new laptop! I appreciate it.