AListBaby Loves: Baby Biscotti

Our little princess is nine months old! She is crawling everywhere, and standing up on furniture and “creeping” along. She is climbs up the stairs so fast we can barely keep up with her! She loves to explore, and when she sees a baby gate open she tries to make a break for it! We love all of the sounds she is making, and we know it will not be long until she is saying Mommy and Daddy. She loves stories, songs, and snuggles. Some of her favorite outings include storytime at the library, and morning swings at the park. My favorite hobby is dressing her! How PERFECT is this Baby Biscotti pink outfit? This is the Baby Biscotti Baby Girl Couture Top and Tutu Legging in pink. This is a treasure. The tutu is covered in pink sating roses. This is the most delicate, ideal color of light pink. The quality of this piece is unmatched. I love the satin roses that decorate the shoulder. This would be a perfect outfit for a birthday party or a trip to Grandpa and Granne’s house! We love Baby Biscotti for outfits that really stand out in a crowd!