Dannon Activia: Feeling Good!

This post is sponsored by Dannon Activia.

Hello! Happy Monday! We are well into September, and it looks like our schedule is finally slowing down a bit! Let me tell you—I am thankful I have been eating Dannon Activia this past month. I have gotten a few e-mails asking me more about the power of probiotics. Here is what the website says: “Meaning, literally, “for life,” a probiotic is a living microorganism that, when consumed in adequate amounts, confers a health benefit on its host. For a culture to be considered genuinely probiotic, it must be safe to eat, remain alive for the shelf life of the product and be present in a high enough quantity to provide benefits that go beyond basic nutrition. The billions of live, beneficial Bifidus Regularis® in each 4 oz serving of Activia meet all those requirements in order to help regulate your digestive system.” So there you have it ladies! Pick up some Dannon Activia the next time you are at the store. Your bodies will thank you! Have a happy Monday!