Free Giveaway: Ollie Olio

Who likes fun items for the modern family? We do, we do! And we have a great offer for a free giveaway today! Every week, Ollie Olio curates and gathers new products that encourage others to smile. They want to sell items that make others happy. Each week you stop by, they will have a new collection of items. Their selections possess four qualities: good design, good function, good construction, and good value. One lucky winner gets a $25 gift certificate. Just e-mail us your name and address to alistbabyblog (at) yahoo (dot) com by Noon Central on April 14. Good luck!

My PC Story AND Staples Giveaway!

On March 2, I shared with you my story about my new computer from Staples. I was thrilled that I could drop off my old Windows 7 PC, pick up my new one, and the folks at Staples would make sure that all of my files were transferred and my e-mail was set up! I brought my new computer and the old one to the Staples Easy Tech desk at the front of the store. They explained that when you buy a new Windows 7 PC from Staples, you receive a free PC-to-PC file transfer. I left the experts to do their magic, and in a couple of hours, they called me to pick up my new computer! The Staples team moved my files, transferred all of my photos and music onto my new laptop, and it was all at no extra cost! What a relief to have Staples do all of that work at the store. When I brought my new laptop home, it was ready to rock. The Staples team even offered me Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Online Training for free. And while the offer was generous, I did not have any questions for them. I am loving Windows 7. I feel like I have quicker access to all of my files. I can use the Jump Lists to keep the files and programs that I use most, right at my fingertips. I also thinks its easier for create photo slideshows and share them on various social media platforms. A lot of the tasks I do just seem quicker now. I can manage open windows more easily, by dragging their borders to the edge of my screen. I cannot recommend Windows 7 and the Staples service enough! If you are at home wanting a new computer, but do not want to go through the hassle of file transfers, you know you can go to Staples and they will take care of the hassle for you! Note: Thanks to Staples for their generous gift card for the new laptop. One lucky winner will receive a $50 GIFT CARD to Staples! Just e-mail me your name and e-mail address to alistbabyblog (at) yahoo (dot) com by Noon Central on March 24.



Free Giveaway: Red Envelope

TGIF! We have a relaxing weekend planned, with movies and a fun family lunch. What are you ladies up to? We have an exciting giveaway to announce today from Red Envelope! This site has the sweetest personalized baby gifts! To be eligible, you must “like” the Red Envelope Facebook page, and send us an e-mail to alistbabyblog (at) yahoo (dot) com by Noon central on January 19. The winner receives a gorgeous sterling silver cuff bracelet; perfect for the baby girl in your life!

Free Giveaway: Starbucks

Happy Monday! We are continuing our “giveaway for you” series with a gift box from Starbucks! One lucky reader wins a coffee sampler pack, a box of Starbucks candies, a Starbucks mug, and a $10 Starbucks gift card! Just e-mail us the name of your favorite Starbucks beverage to alistbabyblog (at) yahoo (dot) com by Noon Central on December 22. This post makes me want to drive through my local Starbucks for a hot chocolate and a slice of banana bread! Good luck!

Free Giveaway: Chuck E Cheese

Hello! The kids will soon be out of school for two weeks. Do you have any fun activities planned? How about a trip to Chuck E Cheese? It does not get any more fun that that place! (I still love playing Whack A Mole!) Two winners will receive a family fun pack, which includes a large pizza, four sodas and 30 tokens. Just e-mail us at alistbabyblog (at) yahoo (dot) com by Noon Central on December 17. Good luck!

Reader Giveaway: Exergen Scanner

Today, one lucky reader will win a product that will make taking temperatures easier than ever. The Exergen TemporalScanner is an infrared thermometer that captures temperature by scanning the heat that comes off the forehead. You can learn all about it on their site, here.  To win, just send us an e-mail to alistbabyblog (at) yahoo (dot) com by Noon Central on October 27. We received a free scanner from Exergen, and we love it. You can even take a child’s temperature while they are taking a nap. Good luck!

Free Giveaway: Dabney Lee

TGIF! We are excited about today’s free giveaway from the fabulous Dabney Lee! Dabney’s products are all about fun and happiness. One lucky reader will win a free personalized mouse pad for her office! Perfect for jotting down notes as you complete your daily tasks! We LOVE all of the colorful options and fun fonts available, too. To win, just log onto Dabney Lee at Home, and e-mail us the name of your favorite style swatch to alistbabyblog (at) yahoo (dot) com by Noon Central on October 1. Have a great weekend!

Free Giveaway: Booyah Baby

Little ones look SO adorable wrapped in a hooded towel after bath time. We love the green and black damask hooded towel we received from Booyah Baby last week! It is so soft and cuddly, you will want to use it everyday. The Booyah Baby site is cute, too! They sell burp clothes, stroller liners and much more. A great online shop for baby shower gifts! Visit their site, and e-mail us the name of your favorite product to alistbabyblog (at) yahoo (dot) com by Noon Central on September 17 to win this towel! Good luck!

Free Giveaway, Storkie

We have a wonderful giveaway today from Storkie, a high quality paper goods company with affordable prices. Storkie is all about invitations with style! From baby shower invitations to birth announcements, photo Christmas cards and standard Christmas cards, they have it all. We think you will love their high-quality cardstock and fast shipping, too. To win a $50 gift card, please e-mail us at alistbabyblog (at) yahoo (dot) com with the name of your favorite Storkie product by Noon Central on Friday, August 27. Good luck!

Free Giveaway, Scrapblog

We have an exciting giveaway today from Scrapblog! This site allows you to turn your cherished photos into books, calendars, cards and keepsakes! It is the perfect way to preserve your baby‘s memories! One lucky winner will receive a code for the new Image Wrap Keepsake Book! To win, just log onto their site and e-mail us the name of your favorite Scrapblog product to alistbabyblog (at) yahoo (dot) com by Noon Central on July 15. Good luck!