Road Trip With Baby

The Independence Day weekend is behind us, but many families will still be hitting the road for summertime fun. But taking baby on a road trip can be far from a picnic!

We did some research, and the experts at Parents have some tips for hitting the road with your little one. (This post is paid by Toyota via Glam Media.)

Driving to your destination is often the cheapest way to go, and taking your car gives you control over when to start and when to stop.

This summer, we will be taking our Toyota Camry on the road to Grandma’s.

The trip is about four hours long, but it will take us about five hours with the stops.

We love the Camry because it is a great family car.

It has a roomy interior and great safety ratings.

Here is some advice for how to make the most of your time on the open road.

Timing is everything: If your baby sleeps well in the car, plan your departure time to coincide with his regular nap time or bedtime so he’ll sleep through part of the journey.

Take a Break: When baby is sleeping, stay on the road. When she’s awake, plan to stop every few hours so that everyone can get out and have a break.Clean Changes: Think ahead about where to stop for diaper changes and potty breaks. When you need a clean bathroom with a changing table, you’ll usually find relatively clean rest rooms in fast food chains, large grocery chain stores, and major retailers. Give the changing table a quick scrub with a wipe, in case it hasn’t been sanitized recently.

Stick to Your Routine: If you and your baby go through a ritual before bedtime at home, go through the same motions in the car. Make sure your baby is fed, clean, and dressed comfortably (maybe even in her pajamas), use pull-down window shades to block out the sun, put on a CD of calming music….and hopefully those little eyes will start to close.