Glory Days

Just like Bruce Springsteen, I have been singing about my Glory Days lately. Perhaps this spark was fueled by many of my old college friends with whom I have reconnected on Facebook. Sixty fraternity brothers and sorority sisters, all smooshed together on the sticky fraternity house floor, smiling for a group photo after a day of flag football and plastic cups: priceless. And last night, Dad mentions he found my Smurf watch….the watch I so distinctly remember Mom gifting me on my fifth birthday. I kid you not, my friends, Dad wound it up, and the thing still keeps time! Which brings me to the point of today’s post…quality. Just like an old friend or a watch you thought was lost forever….the quality people and things in our life truly last a lifetime. What do you want your baby to have for his/her lifetime, as a reminder of babyhood? I choose this simple Padova baby feeding set by Elsa Peretti at Tiffany and Co. It includes a spoon, fork and silver cup, $615.



The set is useful, elegant and timeless. And hopefully, an heirloom for future generations. Because I’m into stuff like that. Still, I know my little ones are really going to want the Smurf watch…also priceless

Jessica Alba and Honor Marie Warren

Photo courtesy of OK Magazine.

Jessica Alba is on the cover of OK Magazine with her newborn daughter, Honor Marie Warren. The baby was born last month, and is the first for Jessica and her new husband, Cash Warren.

Look at that dark brown hair!


We think new daddy Cash should gift the baby this Elsa Peretti Wave Brush.

Available at Tiffany & Co., $160.