Baby Girl Room

This room is opulant and clean at the same time. One thing I admire about the room is the ability to transition the style from baby to little girl quite easily. The color combination is fresh, too. And we see the “curtains” around the canopy. I also like the custom-trimmed ottoman. I wonder if it is as comfortable as the glider? It is a glamorous alternative. This nursery was designed by House of Ruby in San Francisco.

Claudia Schiffer: Just Like Us

One of my favorite design blogs, {this is glamorous}, introduced me to a London-based website for the decoratti. This affirms that despite how hard we all try, we never truly leave high school. Here are my results:

Home-Coming Queen

Nothing, budgets included, stops you from putting your all into creating your dream home. Your look is quintessentially feminine: cool, pretty colors; layered patterns and textures; and flawless attention to every detail.  

The site says Claudia Schiffer, 37, and I share the same style. (Wow! We are practically twins!) In case you were wondering, she still holds the world record for appearing on the most magazine covers. She has two children, Caspar, 4 and Clementine, 2. They all posed for Vanity Fair last June.

Here is how I see that translating into baby decor. Restoration Hardware has a sweet new baby line. I love it, but I think it is too cookie-cutter without a personal touch.

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