Travel Tip: Timi & Leslie 2-1 Backpack

Guess what we received in the mail today? This fun Timi & Leslie 2-1 backpack! It is perfect for traveling with little ones this holiday season. This is truly two bags in one. You can tuck away the cross body strap and wear the bag as a backpack, or zip up your backpack straps and use it as a messenger bag. It also has 15 pockets and lots of features! You will always be organized with this bag. Check it out online at Timi & Leslie’s site! (Thanks to Timi & Leslie for sending us the Sahara bag to review!) This bag is also available on!

Summertime Baby Bags

One of the best things about spring and summer is the handbags! Of course, this applies to baby bags, too. The brown and black leather feels a little too heavy when May rolls around! That’s why we love this lovely bag from Oilily at Nordstrom. The bright floral pattern covers a roomy baby bag crafted from durable nylon and topped with rolled leather handles.

Angelina Jolie’s Chic Baby Bag

Even the world’s most famous twins still need their nappies changed, and their stylish mom prefers a chic alternative to the traditional diaper bag. Angelina Jolie is loving this StorkSak Emily pewter baby bag.  

Sold at stores including Destination Maternity, Pickles and Ice Cream and Saks, for $168. Includes a detachable make-up bag, insulated bottle holders, cell phone pocket and padded changing pad. Photo of Angelina, Brad, Vivienne and Knox, courtesy of People.

Salma Hayek and Valentina Love Prada

Salma Hayek, 41 is no longer engaged to Francois-Henri Pinault, 46, CEO of luxury goods company PPRSA. But their baby daughter, Valentina, still has access to the company’s high-end goods. That means labels including Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga and YSL are at her tiny little fingertips.

Perhaps Salma has this new Prada Tessuto baby bag, $1100, found at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Photo of Salma and Valentina courtesy of People.

On the Go

Summertime travel is in full swing. With baby in tow, your standard packing routine will likely get a major overhaul. Perhaps there used to be room to squeeze eleven pairs of sandals into your carry on. (Hey, a girl needs options…) While your bags may now contain a little less Jimmy Choo and a lot more Cheerios, these tools will help keep the baby calm and the family organized, without sacrificing your personal style.

Phil & Ted’s Traveller Cot


It’s late, you’re tired and the last thing you want to do is assemble a portable crib. Good news. This one virtually pops up by itself, after removing it from its handy travel bag. Bonus: this doubles as the perfect playpen for days at the park or the beach back home. The unique mesh cover offers UV protection. Sold at

Maclaren White Volo

White Volo

Not even Angelina and Brad have this sleek little slice of heaven yet.
(And we know Angie loves her Maclaren.)
Part of Maclaren’s “Objects of Design” series, this special edition Volo features a lust-worthy white frame. Baby feeling a little chilly? When cool weather hits, just add the reversible black fleece liner. It weighs less than nine pounds, and opens and closes with only one hand. These wheels are made for shoppin’. Pretend you don’t see the other ladies drool. We found this one at

Kate Spade, Bleeker Street-Henry Bag

Kate Spade

This baby bag makes a statement.
It says, “I’m hot. And so is this mom and kid.”
(Apparently the sassy leopard-print lining went to this bag’s head.)
The topstitched leather trim and updated metal logo give the washable nylon tote a fresh look. And it even comes with a portable changing pad, at Nordstrom.