AListBaby Find: Babba Co by Jessica Kim

The weather is great here in Dallas! And in Texas, this is the season everyone wants to be outside! With the sun shining down, moms are often worried their little ones are getting too much exposure. The Babba Co car seat cover was created with a layer of SPF and UV protection. It also keeps the wind and the rain off baby’s head! The cover fits all standard infant car seat carriers. Check out the site!


AListBaby Find: Noodle & Boo

I really love baby and mommy skin products that are designed for sensitive skin. Because even when we are busy, we should always take care of our skin. Body lotion takes just a minute to put on, right? This is why I love the Noodle & Boo products dedicated to new mommies…and those of us who want a good skin care routine that is not complicated. This week, I tried out the glowology nourishing hand lotion: $22, and the glowology perfecting creme and afterglow gel, $110. The perfecting creme and afterglow gel are designed for new moms, to minimize stretch marks, and create firm and smooth skin. Buttery-smooth skin solutions that work…with cute packaging, too! I love it.g_creme_b


Make Every Serving Count

I have recently been thinking about ways to jump-start my mornings without a Diet Coke. I have to say, I am a big fan of the basic principles of the Southbeach Diet, and the book encourages a glass of tomato juice as an alternative to citrus juice in the morning. I like it! And here is a reason to try V8 for your morning beverage: the company has partnered with Feeding America to donate thirty million servings of fresh vegetables in the next six months to food banks all across the country. How amazing is that?


The site also has some great recipes, using V8, so check it out! By eating a hard-boiled egg and drinking some V8 juice this week, I have seriously felt less hungry all day.


 V8 Counts