Keeping Baby Food Fresh!

Our friends at Innobaby heard the news that I was expecting, and they sent over some great glass containers that keep baby food fresh! We love that they are BPA free. Since they’re glass, we can always tell what is in them with a glance. Innobaby was founded by two moms who wanted to deliver high quality, smart solutions that benefit both parents and babies. You can see for yourself here: Innobaby

Retrofit: Data-Driven Weight Loss

We are so excited to learn about Retrofit, a new data-driven weight loss program that is designed for busy people who are juggling a hectic life. When you sign up for Retrofit, you get a team of wellness experts that include a dietitian, behavior coach, and exercise physiologist. They all help you build your personal weight loss program. The focus is on losing 10 percent of your body weight. That seems pretty manageable, right? Retrofit research shows that losing 10 percent of your body weight can dramatically increase your quality of life, and reduce your risk of disease.

Private weekly sessions with your experts are easier to fit into your schedule with online video conferencing. Your custom program starts with 152 data points, and is tailored daily with data from your wireless devices. A smart activity tracker clips on discreetly to give you feedback on activity by day and sleep by night. You step on a wi-fi body composition scale once a day to keep you honest and your numbers up to date. And most importantly, from the first day of weight loss through long-term weight stability, your program advisor is available to help you. We loved taking this online quiz, which is a lifestyle patterns inventory. It takes just a few minutes to complete, and it will provide you with valuable feedback in your in-box! This has got us thinking about our goals for 2012!


The Babysense Secret

Have you heard about the book called The Babysense Secret? When we heard the book was all about calming fussy babies, we wanted to learn more.The Baby Sense concept is based on understanding baby’s sensory world providing parents with an understanding of how to read baby’s body language and signals to respond accordingly. Baby Sense was founded in 2005 by Megan Faure (BSc, OT, OTR), an occupational therapist. Her pioneering infant behavioral method is said to make the first few months of a baby’s life easier and more rewarding for parents and their infants. Check out her products at Kastel International!

Making Mom’s Life Easier

We do a lot of posts about fabulous items for baby….but we think we should start talking more about items that make life easier for our fabulous moms! We have been enjoying this amazing imprint Comfort Mat for the past couple of weeks, and let us say that it is a delight for our feet and backs. The company’s proprietary process incorporates a multi-layer cushioning system that provides excellent anti-fatigue cushioning. The mat works great in areas of your home where you often stand for long periods of time, like the stove, sink, or laundry room. Check out their website for more information on these comfort mats.

Halo SleepSack Swaddle

Did you know that approximately 100,00 babies are diagnosed with hip dysplasia each year? Many infants are born with this condition; however, according to Dr. Chad Price, Director of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, others can develop it through improper swaddling. Price says, “Parents must be taught how to swaddle baby correctly so hips have freedom of movement, and knees can be extended.” We just received a Halo SleepSack Swaddle blanket in the mail today, and it has been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as “Hip Healthy”. Phew. That is good to know! I did not know swaddling was such an exact science. The design of the SleepSack Swaddle permits full range of movement for baby. Check it out on their website.  The product we received, (the brown sack, shown below) retails for $28.95.  Halo products are also sold at Target and

Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Thank you, My True Nature, for sending us some great samples of your all natural baby bath products. Your little ones will have fun in the tub with the 100% natural bubble bath , shampoo and body wash. You can check out all of the cute Tubby Town characters here…I bet they will be a big hit at your house, too!

Healthy Eating For Toddlers

I really enjoyed reading this book, “My Two Year Old Eats Octopus“. I have to admit, I will be an absolute stickler for good nutrition. I love the idea of making my own baby food. And when its time to eat finger foods, I love the idea of cutting up little pieces of fresh avocado, chicken and cheese in tiny pieces on the high chair. If mom and dad are having salmon—I think the little one should have the same! Why should moms and dads go to all of the extra work of preparing two meals? I think toddlers should learn to love the feeling they get when eating healthy foods. Cupcakes and popsicles are great treats, but in my opinion, they should be the exception and not the norm. Check out this book if you want to learn about ways to make healthy and diverse eating a part of your family’s lifestyle!

Mealtime for Toddlers

Suddenly, toddler mealtime got a lot more fun! Philips Avent worked closely with a leading child psychologist and nutrition expert to create a new range of bowls, cutlery and matching cups. The range features fun, story-telling designs to keep your child engaged as they take that important step from milk to solids. When they leave the high chair for the booster seat, they get plates just like mom and dad! We think the fork, knife and spoon set for children ages 18 months and older is a great idea. Once kids are done with finger foods, these tools are a good way to teach them the correct way to hold eating utensils. Thanks to Philips for the sample plate, bowl, and utensils!

Dannon Activia: Feeling Good!

This post is sponsored by Dannon Activia.

Hello! Happy Monday! We are well into September, and it looks like our schedule is finally slowing down a bit! Let me tell you—I am thankful I have been eating Dannon Activia this past month. I have gotten a few e-mails asking me more about the power of probiotics. Here is what the website says: “Meaning, literally, “for life,” a probiotic is a living microorganism that, when consumed in adequate amounts, confers a health benefit on its host. For a culture to be considered genuinely probiotic, it must be safe to eat, remain alive for the shelf life of the product and be present in a high enough quantity to provide benefits that go beyond basic nutrition. The billions of live, beneficial Bifidus Regularis® in each 4 oz serving of Activia meet all those requirements in order to help regulate your digestive system.” So there you have it ladies! Pick up some Dannon Activia the next time you are at the store. Your bodies will thank you! Have a happy Monday!

Maternitique: Motherhood Essentials Kit

Today, we have a great Christmas gift idea for expectant mothers! The Motherhood Essentials Kit contains four great skin care products that new moms will love! Like all Belli products, the Motherhood Essentials Kit is 100% phthalate-free and all ingredients are screened in medical databases to ensure safe use by nursing mothers. Sold at Maternitique! Motherhood-Giftset-2008-lg