Noggin Stik, Baby’s First Educational Toy

The Noggin Stik is a great learning toy that looks just like a traditional rattle. We loved that we could immediately start using this from birth for the Alist Baby. It has red, green, and blue lights to stimulate the eyes. A soft rattle noise to please the ears. The handle is easy to grasp and it has a lot of great textures to stimulate the baby’s grasp! I’m sure Kate and Wills will be getting one for their future princess or prince too!


A Lawn in the Kitchen!

As we all know, having a baby in the house dramatically increases your dish washing! That’s why we love Boon‘s line of counter top drying racks. They look like a spring day’s lawn on your counter and are great to dry dishes, bottles, and food storage containers with. The flexible grass blades can accommodate most anything. We also love the “stem” which holds nipples and sippy cup parts. Both are BPA-free and PVC-free, and can be washed in the dishwasher.



Keeping Baby Food Fresh!

Our friends at Innobaby heard the news that I was expecting, and they sent over some great glass containers that keep baby food fresh! We love that they are BPA free. Since they’re glass, we can always tell what is in them with a glance. Innobaby was founded by two moms who wanted to deliver high quality, smart solutions that benefit both parents and babies. You can see for yourself here: Innobaby

Baby Bathtime With The Puj Tub

Leaning over a low bath tub with a baby is no fun at all, and even worse for the lower back. Using the sink has long been the practical choice for parents of newborns! The Puj Tub makes this so much easier. It is safe, soft and secure for baby. It definitely keeps the baby calm in its cradle like position. And for mom or dad, there’s no stress on the knees or back. We love the options of either kiwi, white or aqua colors. Their slogan says “Better for Baby, Better for Mom”, but we think dads will love this too! You can purchase this baby bathtub at a variety of retailers.

Personal Creations: Super Mother’s Day Gift for a Super New Mom

Aren’t these the coolest baby rompers you’ve ever seen? They are from and can be customized for the baby. We just love that they’re a bit different than the traditional romper but still feature snap convenience and are available in size 12, 18 and 24 months. Mother’s will love this gift for Mother’s Day! This site has gifts moms love!

AListBaby Loves: Aden and Anais Baby Blankets

Swaddle blankets are all the rage…and my crew tells me that Aden and Anais are the coziest! So when I heard that Serena & Lily were adding their designs to these fabulous swaddle blankets, I had to check them out! Serena & Lily incorporated their own signature patterns to create co-branded blankets. The 100% natural cotton muslin fabric is super-soft, breathable and gentle on baby’s skin––ideal for swaddling newborns. But it’s also a great all-around blanket beyond the infant years––as a sunshade for the stroller, a ground cover for on-the-go changes and a lightweight layer on warmer days.

Kids and Money Management

Your little ones may receive some cash in their stockings this holiday season. But does he/she have a piggy bank? Not unless it is online! Mow there is an online tool that will help your children manage their funds. It is called Allowance Manager. We have not tried it out yet, but we are curious if you would consider a tool like this for your family? Let us know! There is more information on their Facebook site, here.

Vintage Train Birthday Party

All Aboard! We found this fun train party inspiration at Hostess Blog, and we adore the trackless train that takes the party goers around the neighborhood! How fun! The “All Aboard” invitations and “Birthday Crossing” cupcakes are cute, too.

Healthy Snacks

We do not often talk about food here on AList, but I feel strongly about the benefits of probiotics. And one of the easiest ways to get probiotics in your diet is through Yogurt. Dannon Activia asked us to try out their product, and we tested the 4 ounce snacks. They taste great, and the benefits are even better! Studies show that eating one of these snacks consecutively for two weeks can have great health benefits. Check out more information on the Dannon Activia site!

Road Trip With Baby

The Independence Day weekend is behind us, but many families will still be hitting the road for summertime fun. But taking baby on a road trip can be far from a picnic!

We did some research, and the experts at Parents have some tips for hitting the road with your little one. (This post is paid by Toyota via Glam Media.)

Driving to your destination is often the cheapest way to go, and taking your car gives you control over when to start and when to stop.

This summer, we will be taking our Toyota Camry on the road to Grandma’s.

The trip is about four hours long, but it will take us about five hours with the stops.

We love the Camry because it is a great family car.

It has a roomy interior and great safety ratings.

Here is some advice for how to make the most of your time on the open road.

Timing is everything: If your baby sleeps well in the car, plan your departure time to coincide with his regular nap time or bedtime so he’ll sleep through part of the journey.

Take a Break: When baby is sleeping, stay on the road. When she’s awake, plan to stop every few hours so that everyone can get out and have a break.Clean Changes: Think ahead about where to stop for diaper changes and potty breaks. When you need a clean bathroom with a changing table, you’ll usually find relatively clean rest rooms in fast food chains, large grocery chain stores, and major retailers. Give the changing table a quick scrub with a wipe, in case it hasn’t been sanitized recently.

Stick to Your Routine: If you and your baby go through a ritual before bedtime at home, go through the same motions in the car. Make sure your baby is fed, clean, and dressed comfortably (maybe even in her pajamas), use pull-down window shades to block out the sun, put on a CD of calming music….and hopefully those little eyes will start to close.