Loving the Kia Soul in California

We just got back from Orange County California and Kia was kind enough to lend us a Kia Soul to drive. As our faithful readers know, we love Kias and try to drive them whenever we get the chance. Our Soul was an eye catching metallic green Kia calls “Alien”. The car itself was fully loaded with a lot of great features like a back up camera, leather seats, remote start, navigation, and satellite radio.

Driving the Soul is definitely a unique experience. It’s very peppy, gets great mileage, has incredibly maneuverability and has cool ambient lights that changes with the music. All these traits make the Soul very fun to drive. It’s kind of like a point-and-shoot car. It also handles incredibly well. It was very exciting on the twisty canyon roads of California. On the freeway, it has more than enough power to keep and get around traffic, especially with the optional 2 liter 4 cylinder engine. The seating position is really nice too. The seats are at hip level and make getting in and out of the car so easy. We also found that having a higher seating position makes it so much easier to load a baby seat into the back seat. Also, sitting up high gives you a bit more confidence on the road, you can just see farther!

My next post will talk about the 10 Things We Love About The Kia Soul. Also, follow us on twitter at @alistbabynet


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