Ciao and Bonjour!

We are home! What a perfectly wonderful adventure we had! There is so much to tell you about. I did much of the planning for our first European adventure. But John selected this location for our final morning in Paris, and it was one of the prettiest places we visited during our trip. The Luxembourg Gardens. It does not get any more Parisian than this. Situated in the heart of the sixth arrondissement near the Latin Quarter, the park surrounds the Luxembourg Palace, which is now the seat of the French Senate. This location is one of the most kid-friendly areas of the city. Little ones can rent little sailboats to float in the main fountain on Wednesdays and on weekends. The park is also surrounded by the most stylish green chairs, ideal for relaxing and soaking it all in. I read that people love these chairs so much that you can actually purchase them somewhere in the city. There is also a gated playground and a carrousel on the grounds. In the days to come, I cannot wait to tell you all more about Italy and France! 

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