Confetti Cakes talks Baby Celebrations!



Today we have an interview with Elisa Strauss, the talented owner of Confetti Cakes! Her confections are truly masterpieces.

Your cakes are so gorgeous! They could inspire a theme for a baby shower or birthday party. What themes do you predict will become more popular over the next year? Do you have a favorite shower idea or theme?

Thank you. Well, for all parties I love when there is a consistent theme no matter what it is. You can draw on the idea of the honoree’s favorite colors, flowers or even a stuffed animal or hobby. I think the more you can make it about the person the better it is! In our new book, our safari gift box cake idea came from a baby shower we had done a few years ago, The bumper in the new nursery had a safari theme so we replicated those colors and animals in sugar.

Do you have advice for someone planning a baby shower? Where is a good place to begin?

Start with a color scheme (usually two or three colors work best) and then decide on where you will grab you inspiration from. It can be based on the invitations, the paper goods (if you aren’t using fine china!) or even the theme of the nursery if there is one. (Interview continued, after the jump!)

Why are cakes such a symbol of celebration in our culture?

It is definitely a predominantly American thing because I teach students from all over the world and they all express how difficult it is to have their cultures embrace beautiful cakes. I think it is so wonderful to have a larger delicious dessert that everyone can have a piece of that can be decorated in a style that expresses the special day!  (no one wants to blow out candles on a pot roast!)

Hostesses often want their guests to leave with an edible favor. Any tips on packaging, or tried-and-true favorites you would like to share?

Cookies!  I love cookies and really…who doesn’t? Cookies are also great because they can be made and packaged ahead of time, which really helps the hostess plan. The dough can be made a frozen, then the cookies can be baked a few days ahead of time, decorated and bagged all before the actually food has to be prepared for the shower! And you can put them in cellophane bags, tied with a ribbon to coordinate. You can also design/decorate the cookie in the same theme that ties the entire shower together and leaves people with a nice memory of the day!

When selecting a baker to create a cake, what should the customer communicate to make sure they get the cake they have in mind?

When choosing a cake, make sure you go to a place where you can taste their cake and look through their portfolio of previous work. That way you can insure you already like their style and the taste of their product. Try and bring as many images (invite, color swatches, photographs) of the elements you would like to be part of the cake. If it is a custom design that the baker has never made before you should ask for a sketch…just to make sure you are both on the same page!


confetti cakes for kids


Thanks, Elisa! Best wishes for continued success. We look forward to your new book, Confetti Cakes for Kids! AListBaby readers, you may want to stop by Confetti Cakes when you have a chance! The site features incredible photos of Elisa’s work.

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