• Huggies Little Swimmers Pool Party Playdate

    We are always up for a good party, and we were thrilled to ask to be part of the Huggies Little Swimmers Pool Party Playdate in Santa Monica last week! First of all, we are big fans of Huggies Little Swimmers swimpants. They keep the tushy from becoming water logged while swimming, and they come… [Continue Reading]

    Huggies Little Swimmers Pool Party Playdate
  • Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party!

    Baby girl turned one in November! This has best year of our lives for sure. Seeing her sweet little face smile and laugh is the best thing on earth. We could not wait to celebrate! It was wonderful to have AListGrandpa in town. Her Texas family members joined us as well, along with many of… [Continue Reading]

    Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party!
  • Remembering AListBaby’s Baptism

    Today is the day Prince George will be baptized, and we are certain Kate, William…and all seven Godparents are just as excited as we were the day AListBaby girl was baptized. Below are some shots that were taken in advance of her big day. The photographer captured some sweet moments of the two of us… [Continue Reading]

    Remembering AListBaby’s Baptism
  • Fun with Baby for Halloween

    AListBaby decided she wanted to dress up more than once this Halloween season. Our first costume was a ballerina outfit for an “Adventures in Wonderland” themed tea party. We love the whimsical touches to this tea, including the white rabbit and the pocket watch. The black and white tablecloth added to the whimsy of the… [Continue Reading]

    Fun with Baby for Halloween
  • A spot of tea?

    One of the best things about having a baby girl is the clothes! We love pink around here. Thankfully, AListBaby loves to play dress-up. Earlier this fall, she enjoyed a tea party with her pal Bugsy. It will not be long until she is drinking Kool-aid from her tea cup, and we will be sharing… [Continue Reading]

    A spot of tea?
  • Halloween Costumes for Babies

    Do you know what will be here before we know it? FALL! My favorite time of the year. It is the time of year where we get to celebrate my birthday, my wedding anniversary, and my baby’s birthday. And of course, Halloween! Can I tell you how excited I am for AListBaby’s first Halloween? Costume… [Continue Reading]

    Halloween Costumes for Babies
  • Royal Baby Blanket With Birds

    The royal baby’s swaddle blanket has been found. The brand is Aden + Anais, and it is part of the jungle jam four pack for $49.95. This little prince and his mum are going to be quite the stylish pair.   You can check us out on twitter too at @alistbabynet

    Royal Baby Blanket With Birds
  • Royal Baby’s White Blanket

    The world was watching this morning when Kate and William showed off His Royal Highness to us for the first time! And the sweet little guy was wrapped in a gorgeous, hand-made white crochet blanket, just like this one sold on Amazon for $79. It is a must-have for any new prince or princess in… [Continue Reading]

    Royal Baby’s White Blanket
  • AListBaby Baptism Party

    For our final post on AListBaby’s baptism, we want to tell you a little bit about her party! We decided to do a high tea, because her baptism was at 2 p.m., and that made it too late for a luncheon, and too early for a dinner. We selected The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek… [Continue Reading]

    AListBaby Baptism Party
  • AListBaby Baptism: Part Two

    She had a beautiful gown. A gorgeous church. And her family by her side for the biggest day of her life so far. What else did the AListBaby need to make the day complete? A stunning cross commissioned by the AListGrandpa and AListGranne just for our AListBaby! We were so emotional when we opened this… [Continue Reading]

    AListBaby Baptism: Part Two