Universal Studios With The Family!

The AListSister went to Universal Studios Hollywood with her husband and four kids this week, and she is filling us in on her adventure! (Note: her kids are ages 11-18.)

What a great day!  We spent the day at Universal Studios in Hollywood. We got there right when they opened so we had the entire day to explore.  I was very impressed with the park from the very beginning, the staff was very friendly and helpful.  They have information booths set up around the park with staff to answer any questions you might have.

We were given three tips as we walked through the gate:
Tip # 1: Go to the backlot Studio tour first.

Tip #2 Go to the Lower Lot ride area early in the day before the lines get long.

Tip #3 See the Water World attraction early in the day.

We went to the Backlot Studio tour first, and it was a family favorite.  We then went to the lower lot to go on the four rides. Even though there were six in our party we found that going to the single rider line was the way to go to avoid standing in lines. You can also purchase a front of the line priority access card. My kids went on the Jurassic Park ride four times, on a hot day, you will get wet.

The park had two areas for younger children called “Dino Play” which is a dinosaur to climb on, and “Curious George”, a play area where it would be a good idea to have a swim suit.   There was also  a program called “Child Switch” in which one member of the party could wait with the child while the rest of the party rides, then switch places. There is a discount on ticket prices for children under 48 inches.

There were Characters throughout the park that you could meet: Transformers, Shrek, The Simpsons, SpongeBob, Scooby-Doo, Dora, and Curious George.

One nice touch was that throughout the park they had misters and fans with misters in areas they call “Cool Zones”. (Most of the shows were indoors, Water World was the only one that was not, but even then all the areas had a tarp covering where you had to wait to keep you out of the direct sun).

There are several shopping and dining options both inside the park and on the City Walk before the entrance to the park. What a FUN way to spend the day with the family!