Squeezing The Last Drops of Fun Out Of Summer

August is near–and we are determined to live it up for every single day of it! Read about some of our favorite tricks to enjoy the last days of summer!


Check out Squeezing the Last Drops of Fun Out of Summer!

by Mary at Mode

Katie Cruise and Suri Cruise: Summer Fun

Photo courtesy of People.

Katie Cruise and Suri enjoy a relaxing day of summertime shopping. Suri, looking cheerful in a colorful dress, also toted around her signature accessory: a Playtex bottle with milk.

Some child development experts say two-year-old Suri is much to old to be drinking from a bottle, but sources close to Katie say the mother is not concerned. Perhaps dad Tom Cruise is more relaxed than he seems?

We have to hand it to Suri, this baby accessory is affordable!


The Playtex Drop-Ins system can be purchased at Target online, and in stores for $15.89.