Squeezing The Last Drops of Fun Out Of Summer

August is near–and we are determined to live it up for every single day of it! Read about some of our favorite tricks to enjoy the last days of summer!


Check out Squeezing the Last Drops of Fun Out of Summer!

by Mary at Mode

Independence Day Fun

TGIF! We are getting into the swing of summer around here, and starting to think about the upcoming Independence Day holiday. We are having a few people over to our house, and we may play a little Cornhole, with our set from cornhole-game.org! We received this white 4X2′ regulation board with blue and red bags. Mr. AList’s family in Ohio are champs at this, and white we are just beginners, it is a lot of fun! Also known as Corn Toss, you can learn about the game online here, and you may want to add it to your family’s roster of fun this summer!