Little Girl Rooms

So sweet! We love these adorable little girl rooms we spotted on Marie Claire Maison! As you are getting your little ones ready to head back-to-school, here is some inspiration on how to transorm their bedrooms into a little slice of heaven. Before you know it, they will want to cover their walls with Jonas Brothers posters, blast their radios and act indignant when you walk into “their” room. Not to worry. They will snap out of it when they are about 19. Enjoy the sweetness!

Salle de’Jeux Francais!

I love french play rooms! I recently discovered Marie Claire Maison online. I am so jealous. While we have the Marie Claire fashion magazine, we do not have the interior design publication here in the United States. And it is a shame. Les femmes francaises sout si elegants! (French women are so stylish!) My high school french is slowly rolling back to me as I leisurely flip through the online galleries of this lovely publication! J’adore these play rooms. I hope you do, as well. Au revoir!