Free Giveaway: Powermat

Good morning friends! Are you doing some holiday shopping this weekend? We have a great gift idea for just about any adult on your list this year! The Powermat 3X mat can charge up to three portable electronic devices at once! That means there is space for your Blackberry, your husband’s iPhone, and your child’s iPod! Powermat sent us the 3x mat with two cubes…each came with multiple receiver tips, so the cubes will work with many electronic devices. You just plug the 3x mat into a wall outlet, select the right tip for your electronic device, and place the cube onto the mat! (Just make sure you hear the little buzz when the cube hits the mat…so you know the charge has started!) Learn all about Powermat on this site. And one lucky reader will win a Powermat this holiday season! Just e-mail us your name and address to alistbabyblog(at)yahoo(dot) com by Noon Central on November 17. Good luck!