AListBaby Loves the Dyson DC50 Compact Vacuum!

Dyson DC50Vacuuming is one of those things that you don’t really think to much about doing except when you’re doing it. When you do think about it, you definitely want a great vacuum. Especially with a little person in the house!

We recently decided to get a new vacuum and we looked at all the top brands. We settled on the Dyson DC50 compact vacuum. We love that it was small in size but has performance comparable to a much larger upright. It is very easy to store and lift. ┬áIt has tremendous suction power. Exactly what you want when you’re using it on carpet and furniture. It just pulls the dust and dirt off the floor. Also, the cleaner head automatically adjusts to whatever surface you’re using it on. Fantastic for when you’re going from carpet to hardwoods or tile. Finally, the DC50 is incredibly easy to maneuver. It gets under furniture and and in the smallest corners.

There are so many cheap vacuums out there that just don’t last. We love that the Dyson DC50 comes with a great 5 year warranty. They really stand behind all their products. And because we love style, we have to say the Dyson DC50 is definitely the most stylish and best looking vacuum out there! We think this would make a great holiday gift for anyone who loves new technology and likes to stay tidy!

Dyson DC50 at home