12 Cream Pies Oh My!

We absolutely love cream pies! They taste like heaven, and they are a great ending to a lovely meal. They can be both traditional and innovative.

In honor of National Pi Day on March 14, we came up with a collection of a dozen of our favorite cream pies.

We feel like a cream pie feels “special”…like a holiday, or a special event. We are inspired to bake cream pies for our new neighbors, to spread some cheer. Some of these are “bit sized” options, which are perfect for a party buffet, like a wedding or baby shower.

Whatever pie you choose, don’t forget a hot cup of coffee to wash it down with. And celebrate National Pi Day by baking one of these luscious treats. By the way, Foodie has some amazing recipes for all kinds of foods–from appetizers to entrees and desserts.

Here are some of our favorites:

1.) Pumpkin cream pie trifles
*What a perfect Thanksgiving dessert! They would also be cute on a buffet at a Halloween party

2.) Banoffee pie
*Some of my favorite ingredients…covered in cream! You cannot go wrong.

3.) Biscoff Mouse cream pie
*This is an elegant pie that tastes like heaven.

4.) Deep dish peanut butter pie with covered pretzel crust and whipped cream
*The pretzel crust really sets this apart. Flavor explosion in your mouth!

5.) Boston cream pie
*This is a great birthday party dessert. It is part cake and part pie.

6.) Coconut cream pie
*A classic cream pie! We love this at Easter!

7.) Mini coconut cream pies
*These are ideal wedding or baby shower desserts.

8.) Banana cream pie
*My favorite childhood dessert, and my toddler loves it, too!

9.) Red velvet cream pie
*Red velvet is a Texas tradition. Usually, its red velvet cake. We love this new twist on a Texas classic.

10.) Chocolate stout cherry pie
*A cream fruit pie! We love the rich combination. Its a very man-friendly cream pie!

11.) French silk cream pie
*My favorite ever. In the whole world. Chocolate, cream…and those pretty chocolate shavings.

12.) Lemon cream pie
*This pie screams SPRING! A great pie to take to a new neighbor.

Please note: We adore all of these pies. However, we were compensated for our time in assembling this lovely collection of cream pies. We hope you enjoy it!