The Perfect Baby Book


We are busy, busy preparing for baby girl #2! One of the must-have items before the birth is a perfect baby book. I want to record her precious moments from the get-go. And the hospital captures the baby’s hand and foot prints in the book, which is so sweet. So as I prepare my bag, the book is a must. During my search for the ideal baby book, I am looking for a few things:

1.) Girly cover and text

2.) Space to capture monthly milestones

3.) Sections to write details about the family–including mommy and daddy, as well as the family tree

4.) Plenty of spots for photos


Thankfully, I found the perfect baby book with CRGibson! The Bella memory book meets all of my requirements, and it even has a spot for a baby photo on the cover. The quality is exceptional–a step above other books I have seen while on the hunt. The paper is thick and the book is sturdy. That is important to me, as this book will be around for a LONG time, I hope. Our little one will be the star of her own book. We cannot wait to meet her!

Disclosure: We received the book at no cost from CRGibson. We know you will love this one!