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The middle of November is here, and we all know what that means—holiday shopping!

Because I have a baby at home, and we are also in the middle of a move, I will be doing ALL of my shopping online this year. I think it is RELIEF to avoid the crowds/parking/hassles of a shopping mall. Instead, I can sip a hot tea and cruise the internet, from the comfort of my couch. But the challenge ALWAYS is…am I picking the BEST gift for my loved one?


Pick UR gift  is taking the guesswork out of holiday shopping, by creating the first reverse wishlist concept! Their easy-to-use website gives the gift giver the option of selecting a variety of gift options. The recipient makes the choice, and the site notifies the giver of what to purchase!

Mr. Alist is fun to shop for, but pretty particular about what he likes. This year, I created a reverse wish list for him on pick UR gift. I installed the UR Button on my toolbar, and clicked through all of my favorite go-to sites for his gifts, including Ralph Lauren and Neiman Marcus. I was able to click on the UR Button, then on the gift…and voila….it was included on his gift list.


It was exciting to see what he chose from the list—he appreciated the LEGO architectural set I selected, and also some Tumi packing cubes!

He created a gift list for me, too, and it was so fun to receive it! I was IMPRESSED with what he picked out, and it meant so much that he came up with thoughtful gifts I would enjoy, including a Tumi suitcase. (He knows we take more than 12 business trips a year!)

The UR Button is GREAT for creating lists for things you may want to buy yourself, too.
For example, I just created a list to keep track of the toys I want to buy AListBaby girl for Christmas! There are SO many cute things we want her to have!

I plan to also create a pick UR gift list for my sister, who lives in California. It is hard to keep up with what she may need around the house, since I only see her once a year.

You should check out pick UR gift this holiday season. It will take the guesswork out of the gift buying process…and EVERYONE gets what they wants! That leaves more time for holiday cheer. And we love that!

Family Fun with Happy Meal Books

Our favorite past time at the AList house is reading. We enjoy everything from “On The Night You Were Born” to the new classics starring Pete the Cat. We read in the morning, before naps, and definitely at bedtime. She loves to turn the pages. We see books as a way to bond with our little one, and for us to teach her new words and expand her horizons. It is fun to see her make connections from her books to real life. For example, when we see a doggie either in person or in a book, we say “woof-woof”. She totally gets it. This is why we were thrilled to hear McDonalds is including a book inside every happy meal during the month of November!


We happily took a trip to McDonald’s as a family, and baby girl got her first happy meal. She especially enjoyed the apple slices included inside her cheeseburger happy meal, and she was excited to get her new book, The Goat Who Ate Everything.


I enjoyed a Premium Caesar Salad with grilled chicken. Mr. AList enjoyed a Big Mac meal, with fries and a Dr. Pepper. It was a tasty treat for all of us. I was pleased with the variety of salads and healthy options available. We had a good time, too!


Our McDonald’s has a great indoor play area, that includes slides and a climbing area for little ones, and video game options for older kids. Baby girl had fun on the slides! She looked like such a big girl on the play equipment! It was fun to grab a table inside the play area. When she is older, we will be able to let her play while we enjoy our meal and grab a few minutes of “grownup talk”. Back at home, we enjoyed our new book at bedtime, following our bath and with lots of sweet snuggles.


We think its great that so many boys and girls will be getting a new book this month with their Happy Meals, and also enjoying some good bonding time with their parents.


There is nothing sweeter than family time with a new book!

I’m Lovin’ It ®

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by McDonald’s via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of McDonald’s.


AListBaby Loves: Baby Biscotti

Our little princess is nine months old! She is crawling everywhere, and standing up on furniture and “creeping” along. She is climbs up the stairs so fast we can barely keep up with her! She loves to explore, and when she sees a baby gate open she tries to make a break for it! We love all of the sounds she is making, and we know it will not be long until she is saying Mommy and Daddy. She loves stories, songs, and snuggles. Some of her favorite outings include storytime at the library, and morning swings at the park. My favorite hobby is dressing her! How PERFECT is this Baby Biscotti pink outfit? This is the Baby Biscotti Baby Girl Couture Top and Tutu Legging in pink. This is a treasure. The tutu is covered in pink sating roses. This is the most delicate, ideal color of light pink. The quality of this piece is unmatched. I love the satin roses that decorate the shoulder. This would be a perfect outfit for a birthday party or a trip to Grandpa and Granne’s house! We love Baby Biscotti for outfits that really stand out in a crowd!


GIVEAWAY: Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Activity Center

We adore Skip Hop for their modern and fun designs that kids LOVE and moms love to use. And we all know about my love of giraffes, right? As an AEPhi pledge, we learn the giraffe has the biggest heart in the animal kingdom, and is heads above the rest. Thirteen years have gone by, and I still treasure giraffes! This is why we are thrilled to do this Skip Hop Giraffe Activity Center giveaway, a $75 value!

Here is some information on this great product:

A leafy canopy and 5 detachable animal friends bring the jungle indoors. This multi-sensory playmat grows with baby. Soft arches with 12+ loops let the brightly colored, multi-patterned animals hang high, low or on the mat. Baby can gaze at the cut-out patterns overhead in the felt canopy, or she can reach to explore puffy and silky textures, crinkles, squeaks and chimes. The turtle mirror can stick to the arches, or simply prop it on the mat to view easily from the tummy time pillow.

It looks great, and it gives you a lot of bang for the space…there are a million different ways you can play with this. We have the Skip Hop Tree-Top activity center, and at 9 months AListBaby still thinks it’s the greatest thing, she likes to crawl under the canopy of toys, like she is in a jungle. Do you want to WIN this giraffe safari activity center? Just send us an email to alistbabyblog (at) yahoo (dot) com by Noon Central on Tuesday, September 3, OR follow us @alistbabynet on Twitter, and send us a direct message. Winners will be drawn at random! Good luck!

Halloween Costumes for Babies

Do you know what will be here before we know it? FALL! My favorite time of the year. It is the time of year where we get to celebrate my birthday, my wedding anniversary, and my baby’s birthday. And of course, Halloween! Can I tell you how excited I am for AListBaby’s first Halloween? Costume Express has the cutest options for little ones. I am THRILLED with this baby lion costume we just received in the mail. I mean seriously–have you seen anything cuter? There WILL be photos of her in this—eek! We cannot wait to share. But we want to give you a heads-up on this website as a great source for baby costumes.



10 Things We Love About The Kia Soul

We loved driving the the Kia Soul for a week in Orange County! It offers so much in a very affordable package. So, we came up with 10 things we loved about the Soul!

1. The way it looks! The Soul is gorgeous, well designed, hip, young, urban, and just so cool. We’re not sure what to call it. It’s not a car, or SUV, or crossover. It just looks unique and sporty and aggressively fun.

2. The practicality! Easy to park, easy to drive, small on the outside and big on the inside.

3. The sunroof! Next best thing to a convertible….try finding a convertible with 4 doors and great storage…you can’t do it!

4. Satellite radio! We loved listening to MargaritaVille on Sirius radio.

5. The back up camera! An outstanding safety feature and makes pulling out of parking spaces in tight parking lots so much easier. We loved the distance lines on the camera as you can see in the picture.

6. The fold down rear seats! With one seat down, we were able to get two very large suitcases, one medium suitcase, two stuffed backpacks, one camera case, and a bag of groceries all in the Soul with plenty of room for the three of us.

7. Satellite Navigation! The nav system is very easy to use, warned us of traffic, offered detours when available and had a great directory. We had no problem finding restaurants, shopping, and hotels.

8. The seating position! The driver has a commanding view of the road but you don’t feel like you’re on top of a unicycle either. Also, having the seats a bit higher makes it so much easier to get the car seat in.

9. The handling! Feels like a sports car but very comfortable to ride in.

10. Alien Green! This is just a gorgeous, eye catching color!

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Loving the Kia Soul in California

We just got back from Orange County California and Kia was kind enough to lend us a Kia Soul to drive. As our faithful readers know, we love Kias and try to drive them whenever we get the chance. Our Soul was an eye catching metallic green Kia calls “Alien”. The car itself was fully loaded with a lot of great features like a back up camera, leather seats, remote start, navigation, and satellite radio.

Driving the Soul is definitely a unique experience. It’s very peppy, gets great mileage, has incredibly maneuverability and has cool ambient lights that changes with the music. All these traits make the Soul very fun to drive. It’s kind of like a point-and-shoot car. It also handles incredibly well. It was very exciting on the twisty canyon roads of California. On the freeway, it has more than enough power to keep and get around traffic, especially with the optional 2 liter 4 cylinder engine. The seating position is really nice too. The seats are at hip level and make getting in and out of the car so easy. We also found that having a higher seating position makes it so much easier to load a baby seat into the back seat. Also, sitting up high gives you a bit more confidence on the road, you can just see farther!

My next post will talk about the 10 Things We Love About The Kia Soul. Also, follow us on twitter at @alistbabynet


Summertime Dresses for Baby Girls

It is summertime! The weather is delightful in Orange County, CA. We are spending our days relaxing at the beach, giggling with our family, and cruising the best malls! Check out these delightful summer frocks, all from Saks Fifth Avenue. The AListBaby has been looking cute this season!




Diaper Bag Essentials!


Before baby, I was footloose and fancy free. I knew exactly what I needed to grab before I headed out the door. Purse, sunglasses, keys, and coat. I was all ready to go! Now with baby in the house,  a lot of thought has to go into what to put into the diaper bag. I can relate to those mountaineers who have to pack just right to make it up Mt. Everest. For me, I have four essentials. First, diaper balm for prevention of diaper rashes. Sophie, the squeaky giraffe, for entertainment. Hand sanitizer, to keep our hands germ free. Fourth and most importantly, Huggies Snug & Dry diapers!

Thankfully, baby girl has never had diaper rash, we like to think that’s because we proactively use diaper balm to keep her moisturized.

Next up, we have Sophie. Sophie is a brilliant squeaky toy. For a baby, Sophie is a wonderful product. It squeaks, it bends, it apparently tastes really good because baby girl loves to chew on it. Also, as any of our regular readers know. Giraffes are our favorite animal, because they have the biggest heart in the animal kingdom and are head and shoulders above the rest.

I have to admit, I’m a germaphobe! Who knows where everyone else has been putting there hands?! I’m not taking any chances so I always have hand sanitizer in my diaper bag. I use it not only on my hands but I also wipe down public  baby changing tables with it. There are some really great sanitizers out there that include moisturizers and aloe, my hands never get dried out.  Baby girl has never had so much as a sniffle and I like to think that my constant hand sanitizer use has something to do with it!

Finally, we love Huggies Snug & Dry diapers! Baby girl wears a size 3 and they fit her very well. She can move freely in them, they never leak and they look really cute too! We have tried several other diapers and we definitely think Huggies Snug & Dry diapers are the best. They work for up to 12 hours, which is great at night when baby is asleep and we do not want to disturb her sleep. The diaper also has a touch of whimsy with pictures of Mickey & Minnie Mouse on the front. We always tell baby girl what Mickey and Minnie are up to!

 The ultimate test for Huggies® diapers & wipes is in real life – from messy first birthday parties to playground playdates. Put the new and improved products, including Huggies® Snug & Dry Diapers with NEW SureFit Design and Huggies Natural Care® Wipes with Triple Clean Layers, to the test in and out of the nursery. Become an Official Huggies® Tester at

 Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Huggies® via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Huggies®.





Summer Clothes for Baby

There is nothing more fun than dressing up AListBaby! Check out this cute navy blue and white bubble with a matching hat…how sweet?! This summer, baby girl will be sporting classic looks in navy, red, and white…along with her precious pale pink dresses and bubbles. Many looks have matching hats..and she will be wearing shoes from her vast collection. I purchased many clothing items when I was expecting her, but we still manage to find some cute things at  the stores when we go shopping together. After all, you can NEVER have too many cute baby clothes!