Father’s Day Dinner Ideas


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by Mary at Foodie.com

It is JUNE friends! 2014 is half over! Let me tell you, we have enjoyed it so far! Some of the highlights include:  A trip to Wisconsin to visit baby girl’s Grandpa, a trip to Disneyworld, moving into a brand new house, meeting our neighbors and joining the neighborhood social committee, joining a mom’s group and getting baby girl into a play group, joining My Gym and bringing baby girl every Wednesday morning, becoming involved in our local library’s toddler group, completing my eighth year of Dallas Junior League and gearing up for year number nine already, an amazing trip to Orange County, CA where we visited with my sister and her family and took part in a Huggies Swim Diaper campaign, a beautiful Easter filled with five Easter egg hunts and a lovely family day, a gorgeous Mother’s Day with my two loves at the Dallas Arboretum…and finally an amazing trip to Austin which I cannot wait to tell you ALL about. Next up: Father’s Day! We will cook a great dinner for my wonderful husband. During the day, we may take a trip to the zoo since we are members now! Below are some of my favorite Father’s Day celebration recipes…from grilled chicken to pasta salads, and my husband’s favorite…chocolate chip cookies. Cheers to a fabulous day spoiling the Dads in our life!

Note: We have received compensation for this post, but we love these recipes!


Baby’s First Piano


There are some toys that are more than playthings. They are memory makers and they become part of your childhood. That is how we feel about our precious pink piano from Schoenhut Piano Company. Baby girl adores her piano. In the evening, she loves to put on concerts for us. She will play a “song”, then look for our adoring glances, and happily clap for herself! We love how this glossy pink piano looks both in her playroom and in our living room.


We place the piano in our living room on the nights when we have company, so our toddler can perform her concerts to her adoring public. The piano is fantastic quality, and I am certain it will last for generations. It is durable, and it also sounds great. It also came with a book filled with music, so when she is older I am certain she will learn how to play recognizable tunes. This is one toy that we will have fond memories of in years to come, and it is a true keepsake. We feel that music is an essential part of life, and this is a sweet way of introducing a love of music to our little one. There is a beautiful selection of Schoenhut pianos at http://www.toypiano.com



12 Salads for Mother’s Day Brunch

I have said it before, and I will say it again. 2014 is FLYING by! Easter was a flurry of FUN, with five easter egg hunts, parties with toddlers, and a beautiful afternoon picnic at the Dallas Arboretum with my husband and daughter. And now it is time to think about Mother’s Day! I feel like every day is a gift with my baby girl. But it is lovely to have a day to celebrate the joy of motherhood. I feel like almost everyone has a Mother’s Day brunch to go to, whether its on the actual day, or the week before. A bunch of my girlfriends and I are getting together for a Mother’s Day brunch in early May to celebrate life with toddlers. We are each supposed to bring a dish. I love items I can make ahead. I will be making one of these “12 Salads for Mother’s Day Brunch”, from my Foodie collection.


One of my favorites is the Heirloom Tomato and Cucumber Salad. It will be fun to try new recipes at the get-together. On the actual day, I plan to spend sweet quiet time with my husband and baby girl. Perhaps we will watch baby girl splash in her water table in our backyard. We wish you and your family a delightful Mother’s Day. I will be thankful for the mother that I had, and for the mother that I get to be. Cheers to a sparkly life! Please note: We have received compensation for this post, but all the recipes are personal favorites!

Girls Night In With Trop50

Life is so good right now. It is truly a beautiful life for us. We are enjoying every second of our 17 month old. She is pointing to objects in books now. She points out “woof-woofs” when we are outside. And she has the sweetest little giggle in the world. My days are filled with playdates, the toddler gym, and the park. We love taking family picnics and baby girl goes down the big slide about 25 times! We work hard, but we are in the process of planning some summer adventures, too. But it is hard to find time with my girls. The idea of getting dressed up and driving to a fancy restaurant to meet friends after a long day of playing with a toddler just seems exhausting.  This is why I have put together a fun collection of Girl’s Night In recipes. And I am going to be inviting my local girls over to watch some girly movies, eat some snacks, catch up on each other’s lives, and drink some delicious & fun beverages made with Trop50.


My favorite is the Trop50 Raspberry Acai Smoothie, made with Trop50 Raspberry Acai! My whole family loves Trop50 because it is delicious juice with fewer calories! It is fun in the morning AND it makes delicious party drinks, too! I look forward to putting on some music, maybe getting out the at-home manicure kit, and inviting my girls over for a fun night of Trop50 drinks, food, and fun with the girls! For additional girls night in recipes, check out the Trop50 ideas on Foodie!!

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Trop50 via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Trop50.”

10 Springtime Chicken Dinner Recipes!

Spring has sprung in Texas! Our neighborhood is awake with green grass, and blooming flowers! It is time to think about lighter meals for our family. I turned to Foodie for some great recipe ideas, and I shared by collection, below.

1.) I love the Thai chicken tacos, because it would be great to make for a house filled with guests this spring! I love these paired with a fruit sorbet for dessert!

2.) The avacado and chicken stack is divine! Made with one of our favorite ingredients…avacado. We love to enjoy this meal with a fruit smoothie.

3.) The healthy baked parmesan chicken is a healthy twist on one of our favorite meals!

4.) The rotisserie Chinese chicken salad is a GREAT way to use the remainder of your chicken from the previous night!

5.) The lemon chicken pasta with peas would be a lovely holiday meal–perhaps for Easter!

6.) The baked chicken with brown sugar and garlic makes your house smell heavenly. We love this with a baked potato and some fruit.

7.) Salsa chicken is a terrific twist on Mexican food at our house!

8.) Chicken tacos are easy–and a great meal for a night when we have a lot going on.

9.) Shredded barbeque chicken is one of AListBaby’s favorite meals. She loves to enjoy this with a slice of watermelon. Doesn’t that just sound like Springtime?

10.) Brined chicken thighs are one of Mr. AList’s favorite meals. He loves this with rice and chocolate cake for dessert.

We hope you enjoy some of these meals at your house! Please note: we did receive compensation for this post. Happy springtime, friends!


12 Cream Pies Oh My!

We absolutely love cream pies! They taste like heaven, and they are a great ending to a lovely meal. They can be both traditional and innovative.

In honor of National Pi Day on March 14, we came up with a collection of a dozen of our favorite cream pies.

We feel like a cream pie feels “special”…like a holiday, or a special event. We are inspired to bake cream pies for our new neighbors, to spread some cheer. Some of these are “bit sized” options, which are perfect for a party buffet, like a wedding or baby shower.

Whatever pie you choose, don’t forget a hot cup of coffee to wash it down with. And celebrate National Pi Day by baking one of these luscious treats. By the way, Foodie has some amazing recipes for all kinds of foods–from appetizers to entrees and desserts.

Here are some of our favorites:

1.) Pumpkin cream pie trifles
*What a perfect Thanksgiving dessert! They would also be cute on a buffet at a Halloween party

2.) Banoffee pie
*Some of my favorite ingredients…covered in cream! You cannot go wrong.

3.) Biscoff Mouse cream pie
*This is an elegant pie that tastes like heaven.

4.) Deep dish peanut butter pie with covered pretzel crust and whipped cream
*The pretzel crust really sets this apart. Flavor explosion in your mouth!

5.) Boston cream pie
*This is a great birthday party dessert. It is part cake and part pie.

6.) Coconut cream pie
*A classic cream pie! We love this at Easter!

7.) Mini coconut cream pies
*These are ideal wedding or baby shower desserts.

8.) Banana cream pie
*My favorite childhood dessert, and my toddler loves it, too!

9.) Red velvet cream pie
*Red velvet is a Texas tradition. Usually, its red velvet cake. We love this new twist on a Texas classic.

10.) Chocolate stout cherry pie
*A cream fruit pie! We love the rich combination. Its a very man-friendly cream pie!

11.) French silk cream pie
*My favorite ever. In the whole world. Chocolate, cream…and those pretty chocolate shavings.

12.) Lemon cream pie
*This pie screams SPRING! A great pie to take to a new neighbor.

Please note: We adore all of these pies. However, we were compensated for our time in assembling this lovely collection of cream pies. We hope you enjoy it!

Last Minute Gifts: Galt Toys

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It is December 20, can you believe it? Christmas is 5 days away. Have you finished your shopping for baby? We have to say, we are so impressed with the wooden toys we have reviewed from Galt Toys! We adore our shape sorter, and first bricks.



The shape sorter encourages the learning of shape recognition and develops manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination as the shapes are manipulated to fit in the holes. All wood is from renewable sources.



The first bricks are a simple toy which encourages manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination as baby starts by stacking 2 bricks then progresses to higher towers. All wood is from renewable sources. Both of these items are part of a range of baby toys developed with Dr Miriam Stoppard, the UK’s most trusted parenting expert. These are classic items that look beautiful, are fun to play with, and will last for years and years. You cannot go wrong.


AListBaby Loves Stride Rite

We cannot wait to show you all of the details from baby girl’s first birthday party. And we will not spare one single detail…from head to toe, and all of the decor. Let’s start with the shoes! We selected Stride Rite Camila white dress shoes, and we love them! White with tiny floral detailing and the perfect buckle. They were the icing on the cake to her delightful pink frock. We paired them her perfect shoes with some ruffled white socks. We know baby girl loved her shoes, because she literally danced around her party. Stride Rite has so many great options to choose from, both in their stores and on their website. And you know you are buying your little one quality. We could not have been happier with her little shoes on her big day.




AListBaby Loves: Lundby Dollhouse

Having a little girl is magical. I get to share some of my favorite parts of growing up with her. The dress-up, the dollies, and now a DOLLHOUSE!


My days playing with a dollhouse inspired my love of interior design today. We were so excited the day our Lundby dollhouse arrived on our doostep. And baby girl is completely smitten! Lundby is one of the world’s oldest manufactured doll’s houses dating back to 1945 and the most contemporary when it comes to look. Lundby was founded by Danish couple Axel and Grete Thomsen when they moved to Gothenburg, Sweden. Lundby pioneered the doll’s house’s fitted electrical lighting system to be found in every Lundby house. The colors are cool and refreshing.


The result of these endeavours makes Lundby one of the strongest doll’s house brands on the market worldwide. The beauty of Lundby is that new ranges of furniture and accessories are constantly being developed to keep the Sweet Lundby Home fresh and contemporary. Since 1945 Lundby has followed trends, fashions, inventions and new lifestyles. Today, theLundby Home is fitted, of course, with a microwave and a home computer, as well as a CD player and stereo, while furniture, mats and other accessories have a 21st century design.


Baby girl thinks this is all just great, and she will enjoy it even MORE as she gets older! We love the classic yet modern design of Lundby. We are starting a great family tradition.



AListBaby Loves the Dyson DC50 Compact Vacuum!

Dyson DC50Vacuuming is one of those things that you don’t really think to much about doing except when you’re doing it. When you do think about it, you definitely want a great vacuum. Especially with a little person in the house!

We recently decided to get a new vacuum and we looked at all the top brands. We settled on the Dyson DC50 compact vacuum. We love that it was small in size but has performance comparable to a much larger upright. It is very easy to store and lift.  It has tremendous suction power. Exactly what you want when you’re using it on carpet and furniture. It just pulls the dust and dirt off the floor. Also, the cleaner head automatically adjusts to whatever surface you’re using it on. Fantastic for when you’re going from carpet to hardwoods or tile. Finally, the DC50 is incredibly easy to maneuver. It gets under furniture and and in the smallest corners.

There are so many cheap vacuums out there that just don’t last. We love that the Dyson DC50 comes with a great 5 year warranty. They really stand behind all their products. And because we love style, we have to say the Dyson DC50 is definitely the most stylish and best looking vacuum out there! We think this would make a great holiday gift for anyone who loves new technology and likes to stay tidy!

Dyson DC50 at home