Back to School Excitement

Back to School excitement is in full swing! Even though my little one is not quite school age, we are getting in on the fun with back to school shopping, and planning ahead for the fun season filled with pumpkin patches, a visit to AListGrandpa’s house…and her first BIRTHDAY party!

  • We use our mobile phone for everything! First of all, it is perfect for list creation. I no longer have to keep track of stray pieces of paper. At any given period of time, I have 10 lists going! These may include items of clothing I want to buy our little one, a packing list for our next trip on the airplane, grocery shopping lists, and lists of to-do’s in preparation for her party.
  • We also use our mobile phone to capture baby’s milestones! We recently sent AListGradpa and AListAuntie a video of baby girl crawling up the stairs for the first time! We also love to snap photos of items we see at the store, and send them to friends/family to get their input! This is so helpful, as it is a big time-saver. Of course, we also use our phone to check out photos on social media sites of our friends and their little ones as they head back to school! (We love to see the precious outfits and the sweet smiles of their faces.) We know that day will come soon enough for us, and it will be a bittersweet day. In the meantime, we are enjoying every second with our baby girl, and staying organized with our mobile phone.
  • We recently noticed that Sprint has some great options for smart phones that make managing a busy life a little easier. If you are in the market for a phone, you may want to check out Sprint’s Buy One, Get One Free promotion for their new HTC One. It looks like a GREAT product!

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AListBaby’s First Easter

We had the most fabulous Easter in Wisconsin with AListGrandpa and AListGranne! AListBaby got to meet her great-great aunt, who is 94 years old! That was so special to me! We also visited an indoor garden, and baby girl was showered with an Easter basket filled with presents. We enjoyed a tasty Easter brunch. We are very lucky indeed. The best part was dressing her up in this gorgeous pink dress!

Valentine’s Day Fun

We sure had a great AListBaby’s First Valentine’s Day! AListBaby received her first flowers from her Daddy. We also had a gorgeous floral delivery from AListGrandpa…and a visit from AListGrandma with a pink and white teddy bear. Mommy even got a little blue box! Our little Valentine was as cute as can be with a red tutu and “love” t-shirt. It was certainly a day of love around here!

My Cozy Classics Books for Baby

As a fan of great literature, we were delighted when we received Moby Dick and Pride and Prejudice in the mail for the AlistBaby from Cozy Classics. These are not the typical large tomes but interpretations especially for baby. We just love reading them to baby.

The concept for Cozy Classics is simple: every classic in the series will be condensed to 12 child-friendly words, and each word will appear alongside a needle-felted illustration. Each word is carefully selected to relate to a child’s world, such as “friends”, “sisters”, “dance”, “muddy”, “boat”, and “leg”. We loved adding our story into the narrative as well.

Jack and Holman Wang did a wonderful job on these books and they will always be in baby’s book collection!

AListBaby Loves: Little Learners


We love the Parragon Little Learners book line for babies and toddlers this month. Each book focuses on a different level of child development during children’s most crucial learning stages, encouraging education and interactive play between parent and baby—anytime, anywhere. The books take on a variety of fun formats including snuggly cloth books, stroller books, “slide and see” play, bath books, and finger puppets; topics range from colors and numbers to animals, food, and sharing, taking every moment as an opportunity to learn along with beautifully illustrated characters. I have checked a few out—their design and illustrations are truly special! Loving it!

Jack’s Hungry Little Caterpillar Birthday!

We went to the most delightful first birthday party last weekend, for our friend Chip and Laura’s baby boy…Jack! This little cutie just turned one, and his mom did a fantastic job putting together a bright, coordinated, and FUN party! If you have ever read Hungry Little Caterpillar, you know that the star of the book goes on an eating adventure…which was the perfect set up for the food featured at the party. Everything was perfectly tagged with a themed stick-card. One of my favorite elements of the party was the favors…Mason jars with caterpillar gummies inside! (Who doesn’t love a Mason jar?) We also loved the potted plants scattered throughout the festivities, with egg-carton “caterpillars”! The cake was a combination of a red round cake with caterpillar “eyes” created by Laura…and the “body” was perfectly positioned cupcakes! Bright lanterns hung from the ceiling, adding pops of color everywhere. So creative, and so perfect for this little guys first birthday. You can tell  he LOVED his cupcake! (Tip: Click on any of these images to make them larger!)

Teether Blankies from Petites Frites

We love finding specialty companies with luxury baby goods. And I am adoring the teether blankies at Petites Frites! Made from two layers of their signature fabric (a custom-designed cotton blend knit), the feel and size (12” x 12”) make for the perfect cuddle-worthy “blankie”. We also like the four safely-secured but removable and baby-friendly teethers at the corners. We feel like we have hit the jackpot in chewable blankies! Stylish and so usable!

Fly Me Away Valentine’s Day Party

Kara’s Party Ideas has a great Valentine’s Day party! Fly me away to a love-themed bash!

Baby Gear Ideas for Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson will be welcoming her first child into the world soon, and we have some fun suggestions for the little angel! This is a sweet outfit for a baby boy or girl…from Burberry. Perfect for walks around the neighborhood…the Dylan’s Candy Bar stroller! For baby’s trip home from the hospital…a Gucci baby blanket! For the nursery floor, Playspot foam tiles by SkipHop. For the bath, we love this fishbowl shape sorter from Skip Hop.

Princess Party

Check out this delightful princess party from Kara’s Party website!