Halloween Fun at AListBaby

Our Halloween was terrific! It was AListBaby’s first Halloween. Our last “first” holiday for her. Since she has been born, every single holiday has been the BEST ONE EVER. Baby girl was a pink bunny for the big day. We had a little party for our family of three the night before. On the afternoon of Halloween, we made one last trip to the pumpkin patch to take photos of baby girl in her costume. We went trick or treating after dinner, and then went to a little party. We capped off our evening with more trick or treating around our neighborhood. She thoroughly enjoyed the whole day!





Fun with Baby for Halloween

DSC_4625e-2839798806-OAListBaby decided she wanted to dress up more than once this Halloween season. Our first costume was a ballerina outfit for an “Adventures in Wonderland” themed tea party. We love the whimsical touches to this tea, including the white rabbit and the pocket watch. The black and white tablecloth added to the whimsy of the afternoon. AListBaby’s friend Bugsy tagged along for the fun. As you can see, AListBaby grabbed a little tea cup herself. You could set up a similar tea party set in your own backyard. Just remember to use lots of fun colors…and do not forget the camera!


AListBaby Loves: Baby Biscotti

Our little princess is nine months old! She is crawling everywhere, and standing up on furniture and “creeping” along. She is climbs up the stairs so fast we can barely keep up with her! She loves to explore, and when she sees a baby gate open she tries to make a break for it! We love all of the sounds she is making, and we know it will not be long until she is saying Mommy and Daddy. She loves stories, songs, and snuggles. Some of her favorite outings include storytime at the library, and morning swings at the park. My favorite hobby is dressing her! How PERFECT is this Baby Biscotti pink outfit? This is the Baby Biscotti Baby Girl Couture Top and Tutu Legging in pink. This is a treasure. The tutu is covered in pink sating roses. This is the most delicate, ideal color of light pink. The quality of this piece is unmatched. I love the satin roses that decorate the shoulder. This would be a perfect outfit for a birthday party or a trip to Grandpa and Granne’s house! We love Baby Biscotti for outfits that really stand out in a crowd!


AListBaby is Nine Months!

We had our nine month doctor appointment today! Our little princess is doing great. She is crawling everywhere, standing up, and even scooting along the couch. She is also climbing stairs! We are having fun playing with blocks, reading books, and singing songs. She is making lots of sounds–but no official words, yet. Life could not be better.

Royal Baby Blanket With Birds

The royal baby’s swaddle blanket has been found. The brand is Aden + Anais, and it is part of the jungle jam four pack for $49.95. This little prince and his mum are going to be quite the stylish pair.


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Royal Baby’s White Blanket

The world was watching this morning when Kate and William showed off His Royal Highness to us for the first time! And the sweet little guy was wrapped in a gorgeous, hand-made white crochet blanket, just like this one sold on Amazon for $79. It is a must-have for any new prince or princess in your family! Kate is going to be a mommy trendsetter! (Royal baby photo courtesy of People.)

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Noggin Stik, Baby’s First Educational Toy

The Noggin Stik is a great learning toy that looks just like a traditional rattle. We loved that we could immediately start using this from birth for the Alist Baby. It has red, green, and blue lights to stimulate the eyes. A soft rattle noise to please the ears. The handle is easy to grasp and it has a lot of great textures to stimulate the baby’s grasp! I’m sure Kate and Wills will be getting one for their future princess or prince too!


Kourtney Kardashian Designs an All-White Nursery

Kourtney Kardashian says she designed an all-white nursery nursery for her brand new baby girl, Penelope Scotland. We cannot wait to see it! And we are certain her Calabasas, CA home is filled with natural light. I find that is a real differentiator when deciding whether or not you should do an all-white nursery. You really need light flowing in to brighten it up. The photo below is a perfect example.

I considered the all-white nursery for our baby girl, but in the end decided that if you do not have the streaming light, the all-white look can be more bleh than glam. But we LOVE the concept if you have the right space! And of course, we will be doing all-white bedding and window coverings for our glamorous baby girl! We will post photos of Penelope’s nursery as soon as we get our little fingers on them!

Kourtney Kardashian Welcomes Penelope Scotland

Kourtney Kardashain and Scott Disick welcomed their new baby girl early Sunday morning! Her name is Penelope Scotland. We cannot wait to see photos, and we are certain she will have adorable brown locks like her big brother Mason. If we were going to select a present for baby Penelope, we would gift her this gorgeous sterling cup from Hermes, her mother’s favorite store. Congrats Kourtney and Scott! (And aunties Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie!)


A Lawn in the Kitchen!

As we all know, having a baby in the house dramatically increases your dish washing! That’s why we love Boon‘s line of counter top drying racks. They look like a spring day’s lawn on your counter and are great to dry dishes, bottles, and food storage containers with. The flexible grass blades can accommodate most anything. We also love the “stem” which holds nipples and sippy cup parts. Both are BPA-free and PVC-free, and can be washed in the dishwasher.