Warming and Delicious Winter Casserole Ideas

I love the chilly days of winter when my family can huddle inside and enjoy a delicious, warm meal. This is why I created my “Warming and Delicious Winter Casserole” Ideas on Foodie! Casseroles are great because you can make them in the morning, enjoy your day, and then pop them in the over about an hour before dinner. AListBaby girl LOVES them! So many casseroles become family favorites. I definitely remember some of the casserole dishes my mom used to make. We hope you are having a GREAT new year with your families!

Cheesy Bacon Egg Brunch Casserole

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Stylish and Pretty Holiday Cookies and Bars


We hope everyone is having a most wonderful holiday season! At the AList house, we have enjoyed company, holiday meals, beautiful Christmas lights, and lots of baking! We especially love tasty treats that look good! Check out my collection of stylish and pretty holiday cookies and bars at Foodie! We hope you are taking time to soak in the feelings of love this season with those you love most. And in the midst of gift buying, consider baking a treat for someone special. We love homemade goodies!


Check out Stylish and Pretty Holiday Cookies and Bars

by Mary at Foodie.com

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AList Loves Liz and Roo Fine Baby Bedding

We adore fine linens, so it was exciting to get the beautiful box from Liz and Roo! We just have to tell you about their super-luxurious sheets first! The Pink Chelsea sheet is beautiful, soft, and they look beautiful on the crib. The quality is top-notch. We just know any baby sleeping on this sheet will have sweet dreams!

The Pink and Grey Chevron changing pad cover is also fantastic. It is also soft, beautifully made in the USA, and is tough enough to handle the MANY washings that we all know come with changing pad covers! I think it is smart to have two of these on hand, for when one is in the washer.


Finally, we are wild about the SOFTEST and sweetest infant hooded bath towel ever! This would make a fabulous baby shower gift, too! We love how you can get coordinating bedding and towels at Liz and Roo. For the most fashionable nursery ever.



AList’s Favorite Holiday Pies

It’s here! It’s here! My absolute favorite time of the year. And this special season calls for some indulgence…doesn’t it? Pie is one of my favorite desserts, and I have compiled a list of our all-time favorite pies at the AList house on Foodie! We hope your home is filled with the smells of good food this holiday week!


Check out AList's Favorite Holiday Pies

by Mary at Foodie.com

by Mary at Foodie.com

Please note: We have received compensation for this post–but we absolutely love our list of favorite pies, and hope you do too!

HOLIDAY Pick: Power Wheels Ford F-150

Holiday shopping is in full swing at our house—and our TOP PICK for toddlers is this amazing new ride-on truck…the Power Wheels® Ford F-150. We (and our toddler) have tried it out, and this truck is FUN! It is very realistic, from the lift-up hood that peeks into the “engine”, to the big wheels, side-view mirrors and built-in windshield…our little girl felt like she was driving a real vehicle! We also love that this particular model is sturdy and extremely well built. It is perfect for cruising down the neighborhood sidewalks to visit her friends, and also driving around our grassy backyard. The wheels are big, so it can drive over many types of terrains. Your little one between the ages of 2-6 would LOVE to see this under your tree! It is sold exclusively at Walmart.




13 Tastiest Halloween Goodies

My favorite time of the year means HALLOWEEN is near! And that means playgroup parties…and neighbors coming over for treats! A girl wants to be prepared with some fun and TASTY recipes! These 13 Halloween recipes are easy, delicious, and delightful! Please let me know what you think! Check out Foodie for tons more exciting Halloween recipes.



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Little Tikes Home and Garden Playhouse


It is fall in Texas, and the weather is beautiful! For us down south, this is the time of year we live outside, and baby girl is enjoying a very special new toy…the Little Tikes Home and Garden Playhouse.


You should have SEEN her face the first day we brought her to her backyard to see this fabulous playhouse. This particular toy is so much fun because of all of the options.


She can take her toy dog for a walk and swing by her mailbox to pick up the mail. She can cook her baby doll a delicious lunch in her kitchen.


And she can fix her toys in her little work bench…she loves to hammer down the nails. I think her favorite part of this playhouse, however, is the door. She loves to go in and out of the house a million times a day. This is truly an item she will play with for YEARS. Little Tikes says this is a great toy for kids ages 18 months–5 years. We highly recommend this for hours of outdoor fun for your little one! Enjoy it outdoors during good weather, and bring it inside during the winter!

10 Fab After School Snacks


It is back to school time, and that means FUN snacks for your little ones. We found some fun ideas on Foodie, and we love this fruit kabob–easy and HEALTHY! We love seeing our toddler explore new foods, and we find she loves visually appealing options. We are beyond happy that it is September…and the happiest time of the year is upon us. Bring on FALL! Enjoy your snacks, friends!




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10 Fun Summer Desserts!

Summertime is a great time for desserts! We love light, sweet, and fluffy confections to enjoy with our family and friends. Here is a collection of some of our favorite–including the profiterole that reminds me of summer nights in Nice, France! Foodie has the best recipes!


Check out 10 Fun Summer Desserts!

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Lunch Fun at McDonald’s

Baby girl is 20 months old! She is at such a fun stage. She loves to giggle. She is running around the house, and especially loves climbing the stairs. We started a Tuesday morning playgroup where she gets to play with other little girls her age, and practice sharing. And she loves to leave the house for an adventure. Mr. AList and I work from home all day, so every once and a while we take a break to go out to lunch…and baby girl loves those days!


One of our favorite places to go for lunch as a family is McDonald’s. We love how family-friendly it is. Our local McDonald’s is just a few minutes away. The food is ready in just a couple of minutes. There is always a clean high chair, and the Happy Meal is just perfect for our toddler.

It is nice to relax and enjoy lunch as a family, and take a break from our hectic day. There are always many other children there, so we feel at home bringing our toddler. Our last visit, we got baby girl the cheeseburger Happy Meal. We also got her a Fruit ‘n Yogurt Parfait and she ate every bite! I love that she gets an extra half serving of fruit because there is apple slices in her Happy Meal. Inside her Happy Meal, she received her first My Little Pony toy!

She and Daddy had fun playing with it, and I love this photo I snapped. The toy occupied her for a bit, and I could catch up on the day with my husband.



After lunch, we let our little angel play in the play area! She met some friends, and especially loved climbing on the padded equipment. We had a rousing game of peek-a-boo. She climbed up and down and up and down about 200 million times. And by the time she was done…she was exhausted! She fell asleep in the car on the way home and had a GREAT afternoon nap…so Mommy and Daddy could get some work done! That is what we call a productive lunch date!


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