AListBaby Loves Magic Merlin Sleepsuit

There is nothing more wonderful than a new baby in the house! And a new baby that sleeps for extended periods during the night? That is just heavenly. Our little princess struggled with sleeping on her back because of her startle reflex. Her little arms were waking her up. At three months, we knew it was important to have her laying flat on her back, in her crib (actually a pack and play in our room), with no blankets or bumpers. We asked around, and many of our online friends suggested the Magic Merlin Sleepsuit! Our friends at Magic Merlin were kind enough to send us one. And guess what? We have used it EVERY night since they sent it to us. It has been nearly two months now. We love it. She sleeps for 4 or 5 hour stretches at a time…which we consider great for a nearly 5 month old. When she is getting drowsy in the evening, we put her in the Merlin, then nurse her until she is VERY drowsy, near sleep, then lay her on her back to sleep. The suit resembles a little space suit! It looks a little thick at first—but that’s why it works. The weight of it keeps baby girl from startling herself awake. The “stiff” arms are what really helps her, I believe. We will graduate to the larger size in time. In the meantime, we are enjoying restful nights! We keep in in lightweight cotton jammies under the suit, she prefers that to a onesie. And we keep it cool in the house. She has never been too warm in the suit. We love it!


Please note: We did receive a free Magic Merlin. All thoughts are our own–we truly recommend this product.
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