Baby’s First Piano


There are some toys that are more than playthings. They are memory makers and they become part of your childhood. That is how we feel about our precious pink piano from Schoenhut Piano Company. Baby girl adores her piano. In the evening, she loves to put on concerts for us. She will play a “song”, then look for our adoring glances, and happily clap for herself! We love how this glossy pink piano looks both in her playroom and in our living room.


We place the piano in our living room on the nights when we have company, so our toddler can perform her concerts to her adoring public. The piano is fantastic quality, and I am certain it will last for generations. It is durable, and it also sounds great. It also came with a book filled with music, so when she is older I am certain she will learn how to play recognizable tunes. This is one toy that we will have fond memories of in years to come, and it is a true keepsake. We feel that music is an essential part of life, and this is a sweet way of introducing a love of music to our little one. There is a beautiful selection of Schoenhut pianos at



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