Huggies Little Swimmers Pool Party Playdate

We are always up for a good party, and we were thrilled to ask to be part of the Huggies Little Swimmers Pool Party Playdate in Santa Monica last week!


First of all, we are big fans of Huggies Little Swimmers swimpants. They keep the tushy from becoming water logged while swimming, and they come in cute designs. Baby girl’s size has The Little Mermaid on it, which she loves. The Easy Open Sides ensure they fit great, and they are easy to get on and off.


I have to admit I love AListBaby’s red and white swimming suit and swim cap. Our little retro baby.



Friends, the pool party was UNBELIEVABLE.


The event was designed by Hostess With The Mostess founder Jen Sbranti. I have been reading her blog for years, and never thought I would actually get to attend one of her events.

No detail was spared. The colors were red, yellow and blue.

The beautiful big balloons over the tables!


The fabulous shark watermelon!


The amazing food table design. I love the sunshine!


These cute water bottles were big hits with the toddlers!


We got really fun gift bags, with robes for the mommies, and sweet towels for the babies. There were all kinds of fun treats inside, like a sippy cup, water wings…and of COURSE Huggies Little Swimmers swimpants. All in a cute bag. What a fabulous present. It felt like Christmas.


 We will be sure to use this fun bag on trips to the pool and beach this summer. Our pool/beach bag essentials include:

1.) Huggies Little Swimmers swimpants–the only swimpant with Easy Open Sides

2.) A sippy cup with water

3.) A cute towel for baby girl

4.) A cover up or robe for mommy

5.) Wipes for spills or diaper changes.

6.) Snacks!

7.) LOTS of sunscreen!

We started the event with some playtime for the little ones.


Baby girl wanted to run around and explore the beautiful pool club—with views of the ocean and big palm trees.


 The room where the party was held was filled with light. Everything was very festive, summery, and FUN!


Then it was time for our swim lesson! The setting was lovely, with an ocean view and a marble-surrounded pool.


This was baby girl’s first swim lesson! The water was warm—86%. Baby girl was in heaven. She loves to splash and play. We started out the lesson with a couple of songs. She loved “Wheels on the Bus” the best. Then we practiced kicking, throwing and picking up a toy in the water, and “swooshing” through the water with the instructor. She happily went to him for a “hand-off”, which was fun. She also sat on the edge of the pool and practiced “falling in”.  We ended the lesson with a rousing rendition of “Hokie Pokie”.


After pool it was time for lunch. Check out these actual “submarine” sandwiches.


And the CUTEST cupcakes you will ever see in your life.

 I mean, seriously. The Teddy Grahams are wearing a frosting bikini. Could you just die?



This was the best pool party I have ever been to, and I am so glad I could share this with AListBaby AND her Daddy. Fun family memories we will have for a lifetime.




Ready for the pool? For instant fun just add water. Choose the only swimpants with easy open sides. Huggies Little Swimmers Swimpants

Disclosure: We have been compensated for this post. Photos taken by Pinky Blue Photography.



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