12 Salads for Mother’s Day Brunch

I have said it before, and I will say it again. 2014 is FLYING by! Easter was a flurry of FUN, with five easter egg hunts, parties with toddlers, and a beautiful afternoon picnic at the Dallas Arboretum with my husband and daughter. And now it is time to think about Mother’s Day! I feel like every day is a gift with my baby girl. But it is lovely to have a day to celebrate the joy of motherhood. I feel like almost everyone has a Mother’s Day brunch to go to, whether its on the actual day, or the week before. A bunch of my girlfriends and I are getting together for a Mother’s Day brunch in early May to celebrate life with toddlers. We are each supposed to bring a dish. I love items I can make ahead. I will be making one of these “12 Salads for Mother’s Day Brunch”, from my Foodie collection.


One of my favorites is the Heirloom Tomato and Cucumber Salad. It will be fun to try new recipes at the get-together. On the actual day, I plan to spend sweet quiet time with my husband and baby girl. Perhaps we will watch baby girl splash in her water table in our backyard. We wish you and your family a delightful Mother’s Day. I will be thankful for the mother that I had, and for the mother that I get to be. Cheers to a sparkly life! Please note: We have received compensation for this post, but all the recipes are personal favorites!

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