Magic Moments: Christmas with AListBaby

We are nearly at the three month mark with our little AListBaby! Such joy! The happiest moments have been when she is snuggled in my arms, or when she is smiling at me and “talking”. Her little coos are so sweet. We have treasured every single day. Christmas was incredible because we finally had the best present in the world. AList Grandpa and AList Granne traveled from Wisconsin to spend a magical few days with us! We went to the Dallas Arboretum, the Warren Klyde park, and mass on Christmas Eve. We loved opening up presents at our house on Christmas Eve night, and enjoying special holiday meals together. Our little angel dressed the part the whole weekend. Two of our favorite holiday outfits were from LeTop! We love that Le Top has timeless classics that keep our baby looking like a baby. We also love the bonnets, tights, blankets and other accessories that always pull the looks together. The quality is amazing in every one of their pieces. We take baby clothes pretty seriously around here! Right now, we are getting excited for the AList Grandpa and AList Auntie to arrive for baby’s baptism!

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