Guest Post: The Jet Set Girls!

We have a special guest post today from The Jet Set Girls! With the holidays approaching, Hope is passing along travel tips that will keep both parents and baby happy!



With three children that have traveled across country more times than I can count from our home in D.C. to places like Sante Fe, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami, and Hawaii, I’ve developed some rules to travel by.  First of all, if they can’t walk bring a stroller and check it at the gate. I use a Techno XLR by Maclaren because it’s super lightweight and folds up small, plus you can use it from newborn to big kid.  The heroics of carrying the baby in a sling while towing a toddler and a 50 lb. diaper bag are gone. 


Which brings me to the next rule, if they’re big enough to walk they can carry a backpack.  Fill it with electronics (Nintendo DS scores big points on the plane), books, new crayons, coloring books, and Playdoh.  A new pot of Playdoh works wonders for a bored kid.



I used to carry a LeSportsac as a diaper bag, they’re light as air and you can run them through the wash machine.  They may not have as many bells and whistles as the run of the mill diaper bag; but with some organization they’re great.  I never dealt with bottles (what with a baby attached to my chest for the duration of many flights), that the scaled down LeSportsac was great.  Now that Stella McCartney is designing for them, the bags are even swankier.  I love the Classic Carryall in Silence which is the same plum color I’m addicted to right now. (More tips after the jump!)

I throw in a wallet that doubles as a clutch, I have a Marc Jacobs zip clutch like this one from Nordstroms.  Mine is black patent and looked dressy enough for a wedding last month in Florida.

(Speaking of, when we traveled to Amelia  Island with the kids I brought the Garmin nuvi, which made it a cinch to find the hotel, rehearsal dinner, church and reception.  No more stressing over last minute directions!)


Back to the plane, I always pack a change of clothes for each of the kids.  Believe me, I’ve learned this lessons a few times.  Someone will get sick (or have an accident) on one of your trips.  We made it all the way to Kauai with no incidents on a 14 hour flight; but that hour and a half trip from Orlando was another thing. 


Each of us carries a blanket, mine being the First Class Travel Wrap from White + Warren in black.  The kids carry “softies” small enough to fit in their backpacks. Lastly, I always have some makeup essentials, like Bobbi Brown’s pot rouge in Blushed Rose for your lips and cheeks to wake up a tired face and Kiehl’sLip Balm #1 to sooth my dry lips.



Remember that patience with your children and with the ornery passengers sitting around you will make the trip more enjoyable.  And remember to show that same respect next time your alone on a flight.  Reassure the mother or father next to you that you understand what they’re going through.  Good luck and happy travels!


Thanks, Hope!

And AListBaby readers, check out The Jet Set Girls when you have the chance!

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